Spring Lawn Renovation Series

18th Oct 2019

Welcome to our Spring lawn renovation series.

Now that spring is here, it’s important that you don’t act too early and that you do things in a particular order to ensure the best results. In this series we will take you through the main steps to reno your lawn this spring so you have it humming along as quickly as possible.

First off, you need to tackle your weeds.

Now that you are on top of the weeds, it’s time to look at returning your lawn to optimum health. In this video we are looking at removing thatch – the layer of dead organic matter within the lawn profile.

Removing thatch will help air and nutrients reach your soil base and prevent fungal issues. If your lawn feels spongey to walk on or you can see a lot of brown dead material in the profile, then it’s time to remove it.

In this video we concentrate on helping your lawn to absorb water and nutrient which will also help your lawn to spread and repair in areas that may have become worn out or compacted.

You can chuck a whole heap of water and fertiliser at a lawn but if you haven’t addressed compaction first, your lawn will continue to struggle.

After aeration or coring is a perfect time to give the grass a feed and to top dress to improve the soil profile, drainage and rectify any uneven levels.