Sir Walter (Premium Soft leaf Buffalo)

Australia's favourite lawn

$10.90 m2

Sir Walter is undoubtedly the most hardy, best looking, soft to touch lawn available.

No other lawn has the range of attributes that Sir Walter has:

  • Low invasiveness

  • Drought tolerant

  • Great in full sun and shade

  • Soft textured

  • Even growth pattern

  • Self repairing

  • Low maintenance

  • Excellent for allergy sufferers

  • Salt tolerant 

  • Very high Pest and Disease resistance
  • 100% Australian

What is Genuine Sir Walter?

A variety of soft leaf buffalo (Stenotaphrum Secundatum), a warm season turfgrass that was selected and developed in the Hunter Region of NSW some 20 years ago.

An installation/care guide is provided with every purchase.

SIR WALTER (soft leaf buffalo)

SIR WALTER (soft leaf buffalo)