Tamworth Turf

15th Oct 2020

Rivendale Turf Quick Questionnaire:

  1. Are you an Tamworth and district resident?
  2. Do you want a tired old lawn replaced with a delightful carpet of green?

If you answered yes to both these questions, you are on your way to the lawn of your dreams.

Warm Climate

Tamworth has a warm climate with hot summers and mild winters. With average maximum temperatures of 33°C it is preferable to have your lawn established before summer. In high heat, lawns will enter a dormancy phase to protect themselves. When you can water, do so for longer, less frequently. Our turf is grown here in the New England North West and is used to these conditions.

Turf Varieties For Tamworth

Our turf varieties, Sir Walter Buffalo and Kikuyu have been tried and tested through these seasonal conditions. When choosing your turf, you will consider your climate, the space in your yard, your water supply to deep water and establish, the amount of traffic that the turf will need to stand up to, plus it is good to consider the cost of upkeep of your lawn. Rivendale Turf deliver your lawn to you in top condition, clean and green, so that your lawn will establish as quickly as possible.

Here is a quick overview of Rivendale Turf’s lawn types and what they offer you.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Our Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a household name with lawn buffs. Soft to touch, easy to establish, low maintenance and great for allergy sufferers. Sir Walter has been a favourite turf for a long time due to its superior disease and pest resistance and drought hardy qualities.


Our superior Kikuyu turf will give you a new lawn fast. Kikuyu is hardy and vigorous, with a tendency to grow fast and well, making it a great choice for the serious lawn grower. It maintains colour well and grows best in full sun.

When it’s time for a lawn transformation, Rivendale Turf are here for you, delivering your turf in A1 condition. Your turf will arrive clean and green and in slabs, not rolls, which are easier to lay and quicker to establish.

For a garden transformation contact Rivendale Turf today