Winter 2021 at Rivendale

17th May 2021

Winter is well under way once again, we have let the turf experience a couple of frosts on it, before covering a portion of the Sir Walter with the Frost Blankets, so it doesn’t get too damaged over Winter and it is ready to go once things star... more details

Autumn News

14th Apr 2021

Last week was very busy here on the turf farm. It was mostly a week of orders for Construction Companies. 450m2 of Sir Walter went to North Star for a new café. 1000m2 of Sir Walter went to Goondiwindi for a couple of houses. 400m2 of Kikuy... more details

New England North West Turf Deliveries

16th Feb 2021

Last week we made turf deliveries to Armidale. Sir Walter Buffalo to a private customer, Kikuyu to a private customer and a Construction Company. This week is a busy one, with Monday Inverell pickups and local deliveries, Tuesday Inverell pickups ag... more details

When should you Fertilise your lawn?

20th Jan 2021

If you decide to only feed your lawn once – this is best done during late spring or early summer. Spring Fertilising your lawn ensures that it has all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and beautiful. It is also a time to address weeds. Wh... more details

Eastern Foreshores of Copeton Dam

6th Jan 2021

In early January we delivered 800m2 of Sir Walter for Inverell Council to the Eastern Foreshores of Copeton Dam. They are currently doing a big beautification project out there which required some of our beautiful turf.... more details