Looking after your Lawn in Extreme Heat

16th Jan 2019
  • Water the lawn with one deep watering at the initial stages of stress and then don’t undertake any further watering until the lawn begins to wilt.
  • Remember that frequent light watering will encourage shallow root systems while more thorough, less frequent watering will result in a deeper and healthier root system. A deeper root system will give your lawn the strength to get through the hotter periods better.
  • Lawn grown on sands will require more frequent watering during extreme heat than those grown on a heavier soil.
  • When you lay your lawn, use Sir Launcher or wetting agent. These types of products contain moisture magnets that will give the lawn plants more strength and moisture for long periods of hot weather.
  • Applying a light top dressing prior to the onset of extreme heat is advisable as it will act like a mulch and lock in the valuable moisture.
  • Water in the early morning or very late afternoon when possible so that the lawn retains as much moisture as possible.

Extreme heat can also provide excellent conditions for diseases and pests to take hold so pay extra attention to the health of your lawn even after the extreme heat passes.

Periods of extreme heat is part of life in Australia, so knowing how to help your lawn survive these conditions is highly recommended. With a little time and effort your lawn plants will not only survive but will thrive when conditions return to normal.