Autumn Lawn Care

01st Mar 2022

Summer has come to an end, and temperatures should be heading south over the next few months. It’s time for some Autumn lawn care.

Your grass has suffered through a very hot summer and is likely to need a boost, so now is the time to get in there while you still have some of the growing season left. Autumn is a great time of year to get your lawn looking it’s best with some simple lawn care.

Much of the work now will be to get your lawn prepared for the cooler months ahead where it will slow down into a certain level of dormancy. The better your grasses health is going into the cooler months the better it will come out the other side in spring.

Here’s some things you can do:


During summer you spend a lot more time enjoying your lawn. Combine this with the heat of the sun and your soil base can get quite compacted. This is not ideal for grass growth, so it’s important you undertake some aeration to de compact the soil base and better allow for oxygen, water and nutrient to penetrate to the roots of the plant.

Manage shade

Shade can be a  problem for your lawn in the cooler months and it’s not until it warms up again that you realise the extent of the damage that has been caused by insufficient sunlight. Trim back any trees that you can and rake away any leaves and other debris regularly.


Autumn fertilising prepares your lawn for the winter months. It encourages prolonged growth to ensure a thick coverage and extended colour. This application will be the most important one for the year. Apply a slow release granular fertiliser, as it breaks down it will gradually release nutrients to your grass for up to 12 weeks.

Get on top of summer weeds

Over summer you may have had an infiltration of some summer weeds like crowsfoot or creeping oxalis. You need to get on top of these by applying the appropriate herbicides or hand removing before it cools down. These summer weeds will die off throughout winter leaving bare patches where your lawn wont be able to recover until it warms up again.

Lay turf

Autumn is a great time to get some new turf down. There’s enough time left in most states for good root establishment before winter. Lower temperatures during this time mean you won’t require as much water to keep it hydrated as during summer.

Autumn is an ideal time to get your lawn looking its best. By aerating, reducing shade, fertilising and top-dressing (if required), you’ll be well on your way to achieving a great lawn.