Laying a New Lawn in the Hot Summer Months

17th Oct 2017

Don't be put off laying a new lawn in the hot summer months. The warmer the weather, the quicker the roots will establish. If you have plenty of water, go for it! Keys to Success: Lay the turf immediately after delivery. If covering very large ar... more details

Top Dressing

14th Sep 2017

Applying a top dressing to your lawn is appropriate when it needs a boost of nutrients, is uneven or contains holes.... more details

Aeration for your lawn

24th Aug 2017

The importance of aerating your lawn. A smaller area of lawn can be aerated manually with aerating sandals (sandals with spikes attached to the bottom that aerate the lawn as you walk) or a sturdy garden fork. Simply insert the fork into the lawn an... more details

New Tractor and Mower

15th Aug 2017

During the winter months we maintain and upgrade our equipment. This time around we got a new tractor and mower. This will allow us to keep your new turf in top shape.... more details

2017 Turf Conference

11th Jul 2017

On the 6th of July 2017 the annual Lawn Solutions Australia Conference was held in Glenelg, Adelaide. We joined over 200 other attendees. Guest speakers included: David Acosta - retired US Navy Seal Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG - The most decorated s... more details

Frost Blankets Down

20th Jun 2017

Our Sir Walter is tucked away for the winter. We have laid our frost blankets to protect the turf during frost season. These can stay down well into October depending on the season. Those areas we harvested this year are already growing back ready fo... more details

Dethatching, Top Dressing, and Aerating

13th Mar 2017

Dethatching: Thatch occurs when grass runners grow over the top of each other, killing the runners underneath. Over time, this becomes problematic. Sir Walter Buffalo requires Dethatching at least every 2 years, but if you have any other Buffalo typ... more details

Spreading and Levelling

8th Mar 2017

Spreading The topsoil should be a loamy sand, sandy loam, clay loam, loam, silt loam, sandy clay loam or other soil suitable for the area. Check the pH levels to make sure it is suitable to your grass of choice. You can either use lime to increase o... more details

Typical Delivery

6th Feb 2017

Here are some photos of a delivery we did recently. This was 450m2. This will show you what to expect when we drop off our quality turf at your project. Our delivery truck comes with its own forklift. We speak with you and place the pallets of turf i... more details