Beat the Heat

19th Dec 2019

Drought conditions are impacting a lot of areas of Australia and being responsible with water use is more important than ever. Fortunately, it is only in the most severe of conditions, over a considerable amount of time, that your lawn cou... more details

Oasis in the Drought

29th Nov 2019

We recently did some turf deliveries to Moree and Terry Hie Hie, with Sir Walter Buffalo and  Kikuyu. One was a new customer the other a return. We have never seen a place so badly affected by the drought as Terry Hie Hie, and we’ve seen ... more details

To catch or not to catch? Grass clippings that is.

18th Nov 2019

Should you catch, rake or leave your grass clippings when mowing your lawn? There is no definitive yes or no answer to this, as a combination of both is required for most lawns. It is ok to leave your clippings on the lawn every now and again, as c... more details

Spring Lawn Renovation Series

18th Oct 2019

Welcome to our Spring lawn renovation series. Now that spring is here, it’s important that you don’t act too early and that you do things in a particular order to ensure the best results. In this series we will take you through the main ... more details

Tingha Bushfires Donation

17th Oct 2019

Today we made a very large donation of 700m2 of TifTuf turf to a deserving local Business person, who had his home & Business destroyed in the Tingha Bushfires. He has recently purchased another property and we decide to help him out with a new ... more details

School Turf

8th Oct 2019

We recently completed a commercial turf job. This was for Ross Hill Public School and involved 540m2 of DNA Certified Sir Walter.  For all your large turf jobs get in touch.... more details

Outdoor Spring Cleaning to-do List

16th Sep 2019

Aerate Don your aerating sandals. Loosen up your compacted soil and allow water, nutrients and air to get to your lawn’s roots. Barbecue Dust off the cover. Check you’ve got gas (after your tidy up, you may want to fire your barbie up). ... more details

Spring Preparation

3rd Sep 2019

Want your lawn and yard looking their best now the warmer days have returned? Aerate - Don your aerating sandals. Loosen up your compacted soil and allow water, nutrients and air to get to your lawn’s roots. Compaction - If you’ve alr... more details

Winter at Rivendale

20th Aug 2019

We have just completed servicing on all the farm machinery. Harvester Truck Mounted Forklift Mowing Tractor Spraying/Fertilising Tractor. All ready to go for the New Season! All Servicing and Machinery Safety checks are recorded and kept in... more details

Treating Bindii

19th Aug 2019

Treating Bindii – You need to take action now before the prickles come back! Bindii is possibly the most annoying weed due to the pain it causes to our bare feet! Bindii is a low growing weed with a flower at its centre.At maturity, the fl... more details

Lawn Solutions Australia Conference 2019

18th Jul 2019

This year’s Annual Lawn Solutions Australia Conference was held at 'Dockside', Darling Harbour, Sydney, on Tuesday 16th July, with approx. 300 guests. There were 8 key speakers for the day; Rob Carlton (Master of Ceremonies) Sean Healy (Mo... more details

You can still enjoy your lawn in Winter!

17th Jul 2019

Here’s 4 ways to enjoy your lawn this Winter I know it’s cold and I know that you are spending a lot less time outside during these cold Winter months. But there are plenty of ways you can still get outside on the lawn and enjoy it! Fir... more details

Mowing Height in Winter

18th Jun 2019

Our warm season lawns have slowed down in most states as the temperatures have decreased. Your lawn won’t completely stop growing through the winter in Australia, it will just grow at a much slower rate. Once soil temperatures drop below 14 deg... more details

2018/19 Season Wrap

9th May 2019

Rivendale Turf has reached the end of their season again. We have put the frost blankets down and our turf is tucked up for the winter. We move on to the maintenance of equipment, prepare for the next season and look back on how we went. There was a... more details

Armidale Turf

20th Feb 2019

Rivendale Turf Quick Questionnaire: Are you an Armidale and district resident? Do you want a tired old lawn replaced with a delightful carpet of green? If you answered yes to both these questions, you are on your way to the lawn of your dreams... more details

Inverell Turf Delivery

12th Feb 2019

Here are some photos of a delivery we made recently to a residence in Inverell.  This shows you what to expect when we drop off our quality turf at your project. Our delivery truck comes with its own forklift. We speak with you and place the ... more details

What is the best soil for turf?

4th Feb 2019

Whether you are installing a new lawn, or you need to topdress an existing lawn, what is the best soil for turf? Turf Underlay Turf underlay is the foundation or bed for your turf to grow on. You only get one chance to get this right as once your t... more details

Looking after your Lawn in Extreme Heat

16th Jan 2019

Water the lawn with one deep watering at the initial stages of stress and then don’t undertake any further watering until the lawn begins to wilt. Remember that frequent light watering will encourage shallow root systems while more thorough,... more details

Irrigation in the hotter months

8th Jan 2019

We are watering day and night at present.   Irrigation with the Boom (pictured) through the day as it is lower to the ground so less water loss through evaporation and the wind doesn’t affect it too much.   The ... more details


3rd Jan 2019

Paspalum (Paspalum dilatatum) is a perennial grass weed that starts as clumps and then spreads throughout sparse and poor performing lawns. Description Paspalum has a purple tinge at the base of broad grass leaves that stem from a central crown. It... more details