January Competition

21st Dec 2016

If you purchase 100m2 or more of turf from Rivendale Turf in the month of January you will go into the draw to Win $250 worth of Bunnings Gift Cards. To be drawn close of business 31st January, Winner notified by phone and displayed on website, and ... more details

Which Variety Is Right For You

19th Sep 2016

Quality natural turf is an integral part of enhancing the overall appeal of landscaping works, from domestic through to large, open-space commercial projects. There are many varieties of turf available on the Australian market at any one time, but w... more details

Measuring a Site

3rd Aug 2016

Measuring the area where your new turf is to be laid is easy. Follow these instructions with helpful video. Measuring the area where your new turf is to be laid is easy. Always remember to allow an extra 5-10% on your order for contingencies. ... more details

Soil Preparation

2nd Aug 2016

Preparing your soil for turf. Spray the area where the turf will be laid with Roundup. Wait at least a week to make sure all weeds are dead. If you have a good quality top soil, with good depth, you are lucky. This will quite likely be compacte... more details

Laying Turf

2nd Aug 2016

Step by Step guide to laying turf with video.   Start laying from the bottom of any sloped areas and always place the turf across ways. Use full rolls or slabs around edges, and stagger the joints like brick work so they don't line up.... more details


2nd Aug 2016

Seasonal advice for fertilising your lawn. The best time of year to fertilise your lawn is when it is actively growing.  For warm season lawns this is Early Spring, mid Summer and early Autumn for optimal growth and colour. There are 3 main t... more details


2nd Aug 2016

Lawn mowing tips. Make sure your mower blades are nice and sharp. Each time you mow, alternate the direction. Do not mow too low. Best to start with a high cut and drop if need be, than to scalp your lawn. Cutting your lawn too low will lead to str... more details


2nd Aug 2016

Common insect pests and how to treat them. There are many insect pests that like to attack lawns. Regularly monitor your lawn, so if you do have uninvited guests, you are able to eradicate them before too much damage is done. Some of the pests... more details

Weed Control

2nd Aug 2016

How to control weeds. If your lawn is kept healthy, weeds will have trouble invading. Some buffalo lawn varieties such as Sir Walter are naturally weed resistant as they suffocate any weeds that try to grow. If you need to spray with Herbicides, ch... more details