You can still enjoy your lawn in Winter!

17th Jul 2019

Here’s 4 ways to enjoy your lawn this Winter

I know it’s cold and I know that you are spending a lot less time outside during these cold Winter months. But there are plenty of ways you can still get outside on the lawn and enjoy it!

Fire pits

Install a fire pit and roast some marshmallows! There are many different types available nowadays to suit a wide variety of spaces. There’s nothing quite like cosying up by a warm fire under the stars, am I right? Just be careful you don’t place it too close to the grass and cause it to burn!

Woodfired pizza ovens

What’s better than a cosy fire to warm yourself by? Something that provides delicious food as well! They can be a little bit of a luxury, but there are more and more options available that are much cheaper than the professional concrete ones and they are easy to use.

Backyard Camping

Soft grass underneath, stars in the sky, no crowds of people to fight over ground space with like at the camping grounds. Plus, if you combine the first 2 ways as well, you have yourself the perfect weekend!

Winter lawn care

Don’t forget to care for the lawn while you are out there! You might not be mowing it as much as you do in the warmer months, but there are certainly things you can do to help your lawn come out the other side of Winter in top shape.