Armidale Airport Turf Delivery

31st May 2022

Now that Winter is well and truly upon us and the BIG frosts on the way, we have completed our Buffalo turf coverage with the Frost blanket. Pre-emergent sprays are on to prevent Winter weeds and machinery maintenance will be carried out through the Winter ready for Spring action.

Recently we did a delivery of Kikuyu to Armidale Airport for a Sydney based company TOBCO. The turf was required in a large waterway to prevent erosion. We had to park the truck on one of the runways, with planes going here and there. It was a miserable cold morning and the guys do the turf laying had to get down a big embankment and into some water. Not Good!

That will more than likely be our last delivery to Armidale as it will be just too cold for the next
3 months.

Keep warm and lets hope Winter is not too harsh on us!

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