Laying Turf

02nd Aug 2016

Step by Step guide to laying turf with video.


Start laying from the bottom of any sloped areas and always place the turf across ways.

Use full rolls or slabs around edges, and stagger the joints like brick work so they don't line up. Push the turf close together, avoiding any gaps as these will cause the turf to dry out. Avoid using pieces that are too small as these will dry out too quickly. If you need to cut the turf do it with a sharp knife or shears.

Water your lawn as soon as it is laid until quite soggy. Keep it moist for at least 2 weeks, watering morning and night.

It is a good idea if you can roll your newly laid and watered turf to ensure root contact with the soil.

Do not mow for at least 2 weeks, and when you do be careful not to cut too low.